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Y’all know I had to do it….

I had to try slutty vegan and whew Chile lol

So if you follow me on Instagram you already know that I am featuring black owned businesses on Friday’s 👀

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Slutty vegan is a poppin vegan restaurant in the Atlanta metro area, they most recently opened up a new location in Jonesboro which is south of Atlanta. I went there on a Wednesday and yes there was still a line and it was raining.

Due to Covid-19 we were social distancing in the restaurant and cold not eat inside so we had to take it to go.


Here is my post on Instagram, and I also did a review about it on my YouTube channel.

Overall I thought the burger was really good and the fries were amazing honestly because I was nervous at first. Having to wait to eat because we couldn’t sit inside was one draw back. You may have to just eat in your car, if you want to get the full experience being in the restaurant you may want to wait until later this year.

I hope you enjoyed this week about my move to Atlanta.

The vlog is here https://youtu.be/wrTwOKiChCk

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  1. My family and I had our first experience on Saturday, August 15th. From waiting in line to ordering our food. Such an amazing experience. The fussy hussy and the lemon berry açaí soda, absolutely delicious. We will be back!

    1. Alieshia

      Ahh yes I loved the hussy fussy as well! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself as well. I can’t wait to go back.

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