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I get inspired by so many different things which I imagine we all do.

At 5 am this morning I was scrolling through instagram I scrolled passed Daynabolden IG post with her daughter and I had a flash back of remembering when I started following her and also why I started blogging.

When I started blogging I didn’t really know what I was doing but Instagram was popping fr and when I saw blogs I really didn’t see that many dark skin black women with blogs ( maybe just cause I didn’t know them) but with Instagram becoming popular I definitely followed Dayna Bolden. She is a lifestyle blogger that focuses on fashion, family and fitness now because I think when she started out she was doing beauty. I believe she still does that now but sometimes your content changes over the years.

I always loved to write and always saw so many blogs but I never really saw one about studying abroad so I created it. Lol

I was really excited to write it and share it and put it out there, I even made a 30 sec YouTube video with all my pictures.

I loved the idea of expressing myself online, since I was young I have enjoyed writing from stories to songs.

When I started my blog it was on Wix it was to talk about different things I was interested in one of my first post was when I studied abroad in Trinidad and Tobago.


I also talked about finishing my last year of college and going to grad school to traveling to Florida and California.

Since I hadn’t seen any other study abroad blogs I decided to interview other women who looked like me who studied abroad and shared there stories on my blog all while giving travel tips.


August 2017 I started a travel Instagram called AlieshiasAdventures because I wanted fknshare my travels while in grad school and than I took a break from the blog to focus on my Instagram page. I would share on my page every time I went somewhere and even vlog my experiences.

Quickly learning from Instagram that I wasn’t the only one traveling had me inspired to meet people but I then noticed how people in the travel industry could be snobby and think they are better then others( that’s not my forte)

I believe traveling is important because I grew up traveling and i just want to show that you can travel. Although this is where it gets tricky at when people here adventures they think travel but I always say life is an adventure and what I mean by that is even when I’m not traveling I am on an adventure. Whether moving, starting a new job, graduating or launching a product these are my adventures

I have learned that it’s okay to pivot but sometimes it’s hard to shift when your audience knows you for one thing and not another so let me reintroduce myself.

(cues Jay Z)

Allow me to reintroduce myself

Hi my name is Alieshia and I have been on the web for a while, since 2016 to be exact is when I wrote my first blog post about me studying abroad to Trinidad and Tobago. Now I focus on transitioning to adulthood as a millennial.

I help single millennials transition to adulthood with encouraging, empowering and educating them with resources.

I share my experiences of being a black millennial women on YouTube, my podcast Millennial Thoughts and this blog AlieshiasAdventures.

Whether that’s paying off debt, finding my purpose or simply just my favorite pass times.

I want this blog to be used as a support system so you can know that you are not the only one going through it there is someone else out here that looks like you and understands you.

If you made it to the end I appreciate you please comment below and tell me what topics you would want me to blog about.

I am excited to meet you follow me on Instagram @alieshiasadventures.



Thanks for coming to internet home! My name is Alieshia and I am a millennial travel blogger. I encourage millennials to travel no matter what and provide resources for adulting.

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