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The guide to getting your first apartment #millennialdiaries

Cues Ari Lennox apartment!

Dear millennials, Adulting is hard! I’m here to help so we will be doing an apartment series this month!

I’m going to share with you; how to budget for your first apartment, what to look for in your first apartment, how to fine a roommate to cut the cost, and last but not least what you need for your first apartment!

Welcome to Adulting with Alieshiasadventures !!!!

My first tip is to create a budget..

You may ask why do I need a budget or what is a budget? A budget is a document to help you keep your finances straight!

Before you get your first apartment you have to apply and you usually have to pay for it, which depending on your credit (that’s another blog post) it could be between $30-$65.

You then have to pay a deposit and first month rent sometimes you have to pay last month rent that depends on your credit.

When it comes to your credit score you at least want to have a 650 it should be higher but you may not have a credit card which therefore would be hard to get a high credit score. Also be aware that they may ask you to make 3x the rent to live in the apartment complex.

So here are a list of the bills (utilities) you have to pay; rent, water, electricity, internet, cable + rent. Also don’t forget to add car insurance, rental insurance, phone bill, groceries and maybe even student loans if you have some. I added some of these at the end cause everyone doesn’t have these bills.

This all together can cost around $3000 for your first apartment to just get everything together, we haven’t even talked about furniture that will be in another blog post coming soon!

So here are my tips: find a roommate, live below your means, and find a good paying job!

Make sure to save your money, use Mint (money app) to create a budget and save.

Next week we will talk about what to look for in your first apartment.

Did these tips help? How was your search for tour first apartment? What tips do you have for other first time apartment shoppers?



Thanks for coming to internet home! My name is Alieshia and I am a millennial travel blogger. I encourage millennials to travel no matter what and provide resources for adulting.

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