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Adulting 101

What humbles you? Life they say..

What humbles you quicker than anything? Life as a millennial

It humbles you so quickly you think about enrolling back into school to go into more debt to past the time. Let’s chat about the taxes, student loans nahh that’s boring let’s embrace and exhale this moment in our life cause it won’t be forever! Whew chile tell the Lord, “ thank you” lol  

Welcome to adulting as a millennial!

Did it humble you real quick after you applied for 4323423 million jobs and got one interview and they didn’t hire you because you didn’t have experience? Did you walk across that stage and already have adulthood figured out and then a month later you realized you hated your job? Did you go back to your parents’ house and think you were going to live your best life until they started asking for rent and you didn’t have a job?

Can you relate?

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Allow me to introduce myself my name is

Alieshia a young millennial just trying to make it in life, while paying back student loans and trying to figure out my next step in life.

Now please introduce yourself to me… I would love to no age and career. We are on this adulting journey together.

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