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Who knew adulting would be so hard?

Who knew they when you graduated college you weren’t guaranteed a job?

Who knew ? Not me

So in this blog post I’m diving into my journey to adulthood.

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be successful but how?

I thought about being a lawyer or judge because that’s what I saw on tv( representation matters) so after high school I knew I was going to college didn’t know where though.

I took a tour of Spelman and Clark Atlanta university because i wanted to go to an HBCU but then I heard that price and I was like yeah let me go back to Kentucky! Lol

So in school they said, ‘do something you are passionate about.’

I’m like okay.. so I naturally fell into working with kids and community outreach. I enjoy meeting people, planning and events! lol

It wasn’t until I got to my masters program and I was like what is this? Why I am in this program what am I supposed to be doing. It was not what I expected not really what I wanted to do but I was just going with the flow!

Adulting is hard because it’s so many decisions that you have to figure out but you don’t even know if you want to commit to them cause anything can change. Well I went to get my masters and while I was getting it during the last year I had to apply for jobs, graduation and figure out my next move. It was so hard because so many people are in different spots that you can’t always find that support you need or hear what you want to hear.

While applying to over 100 jobs I feel like I was done and still didn’t get a job. I was furious because I just knew I was going to get a job and didn’t really understand why. I was over applying at this point I was ready to move to another country. I ended up moving back with my parents and that’s for the birds in my opinion( I couldn’t even save any money)

I felt isolated because I was back home with nothing to do and my friends were either living by theirselves or having fun and doing whatever and I had a whole degree a masters at that and was making $9 because I was working with kids.

There was no opportunity where I lived at all. Then I mustard up the courage to apply to teach abroad in China. As I was getting excited and working on my visa the corona virus had taken a turn for the worse. Schools were getting worse and they were closing borders!

The school I was going to actually closed but I was finally getting excited because I was going to do something so new.

It was mid January and I already quit my job the pandemic hit and no one was hiring I literally was unemployed for 7 months and since initially it wasn’t for the pandemic I couldn’t even get any unemployment.

I would say that content helped me because if I wasn’t creating I just felt like I wasn’t doing anything. Creating helps me escape but it also helps me share my real life stories with always putting a twist on it.

I share this to say that adulting has its twist and turns and it’s a journey. This is really a vulnerable post but if you enjoyed it this is only the beginning. They say everything happens for a reason let’s see what happens next…..

adulting is a journey and it continues…

Whew chile

How has your adulting journey been? Please share in the comments



Thanks for coming to internet home! My name is Alieshia and I am a millennial travel blogger. I encourage millennials to travel no matter what and provide resources for adulting.

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