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With life there comes trials and tribulations so here were some of mine…

I made it to Atlanta with no car troubles….. I don’t know what happened but I turned and hit a bump and thought I messed up my tires. When I checked them I didn’t see anything on the outside so I was like yes I’m all clear (that’s what I thought) just cause the outside may look good doesn’t mean your inside is good! Whew that’s a word!

I literally have bad luck with tires so there is that😩

That next day … whew my wheel started shaking and then it went downhill from there. The first week was horrible I had to figure out where to go and I got scammed! I hate car trouble 😩

Long story short I had to buy 3 new tires 😭😭 so have a savings account and extra money when you want to relocate!! Make sure to get your car checked I just got my air checked and air put in my tires. Make sure your car is ready for that drive!!

Brb going to cry lol.

If anyone wants to donate to my cash app it’s $AlieshiasAdventures !!

I appreciate you!



Thanks for coming to internet home! My name is Alieshia and I am a millennial travel blogger. I encourage millennials to travel no matter what and provide resources for adulting.

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