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Relocating during Covid 19

If you checked out my vlog you would see that my mask is still on and because you know the virus doesn’t go away just because we moved. Lol

Georgia is getting crazier by the day but I am taking precautions as well. I have really not been anywhere for 5 months. I would say the hardest part about relocating during this time is not being able to network and meet people face to face. I’m a social butterfly and like to network with people in the room.

Although what I did was reach out to my network I utilized LinkedIn for my professionals so I could set up some informational interviews to meet others and I used indeed to apply for jobs everyday and then I used Facebook and Instagram to chat with people who were already in Atlanta.

I am staying in an Airbnb that I booked and read the reviews for which is safe and clean. I am working now to secure housing and get my feet on the ground! It’s definitely an adventure but it’s going to be worth the glow up! Have you been wanting to move somewhere and haven’t taken that leap yet?



Thanks for coming to internet home! My name is Alieshia and I am a millennial travel blogger. I encourage millennials to travel no matter what and provide resources for adulting.

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