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24 Hours in Atlanta A Guest Post from Ayishia Travels

Atlanta might just be one of the most visited destinations of the south. With 50 million visitors coming to the city each month, there must be something here right?

Well I’m here to tell you to believe the hype. There is so much to do here besides just taking photos and stunting for the gram. I’m going to lay-out a potential full 24 hour itinerary of things you can do and places you can go. 

Hopefully, you’ll want to give some of these places you may have dismissed a try. I mean Atlanta does have more to offer than just the same 5 places you see glamorized on social media. If you want to see Atlanta how I do, then keep on reading.


Yes! I start my days late. Big whoop wanna fight about it? If you happen to be a morning person then by all means start your day with breakfast but I’m out in these streets no earlier than 11 okkuuurt?

For lunch, let’s keep it cute and stop it for a bite to eat at Tacos & Tequilas. They serve lunch from 11-4 and have great prices, IMO. The menu consist of your typical Mexican dishes such as nachos, burritos, and fajitas. Not to mention Tequila. Certainly a great way to get your day started. 


I live in Charleston, South Carolina which isn’t known for its multitude of options; so shopping in Atlanta is a must. Sometimes you don’t want to order online you want to try something on. They have so many more stores and brands than Charleston will ever have, so I like to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Macy’s is one of them. There are dozens of Macy’s spread across the area but to really maximize your time, I recommend shopping at Lenox. This mall is on the boujee side, so you will find a mix of high and low end retailers. 


I am very much a science nerd, so I like to do things that have a focus in these areas. That may not be everyone but it works for me darnit. If you are interested in branching outside of the club scene then you may be surprised to know Atlanta has some great exhibits.

Planetarium – Y’all my cousin laughed at me so hard and that I was corny for wanting to visit a planetarium, but listen, THIS IS COOL TO ME. The Fernbank Science Center is an affordable and family friendly destination sure to be enjoyed by all. If you happen to be visiting on a Thursday or Friday evening, be sure to stay for the free public observations at the Buice Observatory. 

Bodies Exhibit – Yet another science related activity, the Bodies Exhibition put the human anatomy on display. This event is also listed as kid friendly, just be mindful that all body systems are covered here. 

Let me know down in the comments if you are a science nerd too and would visit either of these places. 


You do not visit the south for tacos or pasta; not that you can’t find both of these things here. But to really do things right you gotta get you some good comfort, stick to your ribs food. Soul food is definitely a southern staple and for good reason. We do it right down here.

The Busy Bee Cafe is a black owned soul food restaurant featuring southern classics like fried chicken, neck bones, blackeye peas, and lima beans. Not to mention all the decadent desserts chile you must add to this place to your list. 


Photo cred here

After a rich gut hugging dinner, I can promise you you won’t have the energy for anything too strenuous. Why not finish your night off with a nice walk accompanied by breathtaking views. 

Head on downtown to Centennial Park for a light walk and great photo op. This park features over 22 acres of green space and home to the landmark for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Before you leave, be sure to take a ride on SkyView, the 20-story ferris wheel located at the park. 

The Finale

No trip is complete without a stop in for a delicious brunch and of course mimosas! While Milk & Honey may be one of those 5 spots you constantly see people post from, it happens to be for a great reason. The food and vibe here is something you won’t want to miss. Get a carafe of mimosas and indulge in one of their decadent entrees. 

Now that you’ve ventured outside the box a bit, head on over to my site and check out ATL 4 Da WKND written by Alieshia.

About the Author

Ayishia is a self-proclaimed Charleston native who writes about all things travel on her blog ayishiatravels.com. As a writer, advocate, and travel blogging millennial, she strives to educate on the important impact travel haves and why it should be incorporated as a self care practice.



Thanks for coming to internet home! My name is Alieshia and I am a millennial travel blogger. I encourage millennials to travel no matter what and provide resources for adulting.

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