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I spoke at my first conference
December 7, 2019 – EMERGE Conference Evaluation Form EXECUTE Your Value and Purpose Proposition with a Vision – Alieshia Nunnally, Vision Strategist Comments:
• You cannot be what you cannot see, writing your vision and make it plain. • Impressive accomplishments and vision. • Alieshia gave great ideas for having a vision board and how to utilize it as a goal. • You must see what you want to be, write the vision. • Very practical and easy to use, great slides. • Great • Beautiful • Net worth/smart goal, vision • Excellent presentation • Informational, motivational • Vision, create my vision for 2020 • Young yet inspiring • Awesome visual aids, helps visualize, cultivate dreams and goals (SMART), effective • You’re the best, could not have asked for anything better. I have a vision now. Yes • Great job Paragraph • Instrumental in helping us to set future goals • A young lady with a beautiful plan • Reminded of the purpose of having a vision

I attended a conference where Aleshia shared a presentation that detailed how we can utilized a vision board to achieve our goals. Alieshia shared the process on how one can identify their goals and the steps that should be taken in order to achieve them. I most enjoyed hearing about the vision board she made last year and how she was able to achieve all of the goals that she had set for her self. What is even more impressive is that the goals she has set for this year are even more ambitious than the last. I took the training back home and have created my own vision board. Her presentation was sincere,uplifting and enjoyable to listen to. I would definitely attend another one of Alieshia’s training’s when she is back in my city.

I was able to attend one of her speaking engagements and witnessed her speak so confidently about visions and goals. She motivated me to constantly write out my goals and envision myself achieving them by tracking them down once they were accomplished. Vision boards and S.M.A.R.T. Goals are her strong suit. Let her help you write your vision and goals!