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Welcome to Alieshias Adventures!

As a young girl I have loved traveling I went to my first country when I was 12 when I was a junior in high school I went on another trip with my school to Paris, France. After that a couple years later I went on to study abroad twice. I have a love for travel and now I just do it for fun. I hope you all enjoy my trips,tips and tricks of travel.

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I will share my travels as an avid traveler I have been to 11 countries and 20 states. ( I am working on it) but I want to show how I travel, where I go and how I figure it all out with a splash of adventure.

Countries I have been to :




Trinidad and Tobago (2)



St. Marteen

St. Kitts

Puerto Rico

Turks and Caicos

On a mission to get to 30 countries before 30