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As a person who loves culture, I believe that it is really important to give back locally when you visit a country. Trinidad and Tobago is a very popular country because of Carnival and their doubles, they love to party and live life.

As a Study Abroad Coordinator on this trip it was very important to connect with the local culture, so we partnered with Alta which was a literacy program for Adults ages 18-30 to help them learn how to read and write.

We also went to a local cocoa farm, where we learned about it and tried some hot cocoa. Then we went to the Tobago falls which was locally owned and they have a waterfall that you can hike up and swim in, it was so beautiful to see.

These were just some of the things we did in the city to learn more about the people, we also created a mask for carnivals and learned about the music of the culture. This was a great experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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