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As a lover of podcasts and a podcaster myself I wanted to share 24 podcasts made by women of color for millennials.

It is so important to me to connect and share with other women and millennials resources to help them succeed. This list is compiled from a group on Facebook called WOC Podcasters if you are interested in starting a podcast please join or if you know someone who wants to share this with them. 

This list showcases podcasts on a variety topics from travel, lifestyle money and wellness. As millennials we want to grow and I saw that people wanted more podcast recommendations so here you go.

1.Millennial thoughts is hosted by yours truly  Alieshia , this podcast is for young adults who are on a journey to become financially free, an entrepreneur and just every day thoughts as a millennial. You can catch episodes every Thursday and follow us on Instagram @millennialthoughtspod. Check out the podcast at https://anchor.fm/millennialthoughts  You can also find us on iTunes, google play and Spotify.

2.      Dana Kari

Travel N Sh!t holds space for Carrie and her guests to inform and inspire people of color to get out and grow through travel. Each week, the discussion of the “what was learned and experienced” rather than the “how I did it” reinforces the concept of travel being more than just vacation.


3.      Shehla Sa Ni

I am a Muslim (and that’s okay!) a speakeasy and fairly new with only a few episodes. But it’s basically about my perspective as a Muslim in the U.S.


4.      Audio Sessions is a lifestyle podcast dropping gems on navigating life as a minimalist by providing info on how to improve your overall well-being. I discuss topics on wellness/mindfulness, personal growth, relationships, finances/business, travel & culture!



5.      Pink Lemonade Podcast is a self-help Podcast’s that helps you turn life’s lemons into lesson. Each episode takes a deep dive into your personal values and how you can use them to make decisions that create the best you. You can listen at: https://linktr.ee/pinklemonadepodcast

6.       Modern Figures Podcast. We talk about surviving and thriving not only as a student, but as a Black woman in tech. You don’t have to be Black, a woman, or in a tech field to listen. The stories and experiences of our guests resonate with many different demographics.

7.      Chelsi Bennett I am the host of Chats with Chelsi. Chats with Chelsi is a podcast that empowers women to live purposeful lives. Episodes are available on YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/chelsihbennett and podcast platforms.

8.      Comfortably Excluded is the platform for creatives and entrepreneurs of color to take back their narratives by sharing their own stories first hand. You’ll be sure to learn, find community, and laugh your a** off listening to your new best friends! Tune in on all podcasting platforms or visit www.comfortablyexcluded.com

9.      Young Black MRS, is a podcast about marriage, money, food and more. Every other week this podcast includes segments such as Shakin’ My Curls, What you Chewin’, Main Event and Positive Tip. Here’s how to listen: https://anchor.fm/youngblackmrs

10.    Marielys Cepeda  Toxic af is a self help and lifestyle podcast that creates conversations around toxicity, how it manifests and what we are doing to heal. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/toxic-af/id1476467147

11.    Jordan Evans has the dish on all things pop culture, Netflix, movies, and TV! From a young black woman’s point of view

12.    Vida With Christie is a podcast hosted by an unapologetic and fierce Latina empowering parents to live their best lives as they raise aware and empowered children. You can listen and learn more at vidawithchristie.com.

13.    Farheen Raza Abbas My podcast is about modern Muslims and how we think and contribute to society, it’s mostly my musings but also my guests talk about being in their fields and balancing their Muslim identities You can listen at  Anchor.fm/m3freeni

14.    I Don’t Do Budgets. Is a podcast that provides non-traditional money strategies and highlights black millennials who are being wealth beyond a 9-5. https://podcasts.apple.com/…/i-dont-do…/id1453408896

15.      Kia Swinton The So-Called Oreos Podcast is hosted by four friends who identify as being labeled an “oreo,” a term describing a person who is “black on the outside and white on the inside.” Each episode, Kia, Janae, Rachel, and Amari discuss topics on being labeled “too black” or “too white” in society and how this effects our everyday life.

16.    Symone Dunn Highkey Woke Podcast is our space and yours to discuss Corporate America, the Culture, and Politics as it impacts and influences the Black experience. We can be found at on iTunes and Spotify! our website is www.highkeywokepodcast.com 😊

17.    C-Lyn Bentley Break Concrete explores how Black women professionals navigate race and gender in the workplace and break through the concrete wall to professional advancement. www.breakconcrete.com https://apple.co/2Wp49ki Find us also on GooglePlayMusic @ https://bit.ly/3cUPSCr , Stitcher, and Spotify.

18.    TyePod: a podcast that supports you on your journey as the CEO of your business and life! The workshop style episodes present tips, tricks, and expertise around all things team building and leadership. www.tiannatye.com/tyepod

19.    Kristin Jihye Oh Mandu Podcast: Join me as I discuss and navigate Asian American culture. I interview professionals about their experiences with stereotypes and the work they do to advocate for AAPI.

20.    Maribel Quezada Smith 👏 My podcast is definitely geared towards millennials. It’s called Diferente Producer and curiosity expert, Maribel Quezada Smith brings you stories that reflect the multicultural life experience. It’s a show for anyone who lives between two or more cultures. Season two coming soon! Diferentepodcast.com

21.    Golf experts Cheyenne Woods and Doug Smith take a modern approach to the golfing experience while answering the most popular questions the new generation of golfers have today. Birdiesnotbs.com

22.     Shot of Facts is a podcast for young black adults maneuvering through life as we know it. Funny, uplifting, and brutally honest; we bring our truth straight with no chaser! https://instagram.com/shotoffactspod?igshid=1k26ldmxw2197

23.    Moving Oolong is a podcast where we talk about our growing pains and struggles as we prepare to graduate college and transition to a professional environment. Our intersecting identities as Asian American women play a large role in shaping our experiences as young adults, and we hope to share our reflections of this this turbulent time through our podcast.

I hope you are able to check these out and engage and leave comments on their podcast if you want more information and the behind the scenes please follow me on Instagram @alieshiasadventures 


The Find and Sustain Podcast finds truth while sustaining purpose. We build sustainable faith communities that intersect our daily lives. https://linktr.ee/findandsustain



Thanks for coming to internet home! My name is Alieshia and I am a millennial travel blogger. I encourage millennials to travel no matter what and provide resources for adulting.

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