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How to STEP out of your Comfort ZONE and not be complacent|Millennial Women Changing the Narrative

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I think that we as millennial WOMEN should quit trying to put on more than we can bear, whether job or school. We can only use those excuses about being black and a woman so long. We have to take those ideas and thoughts about being inferior and use them to be resilient. I believe that if we keep saying that all the odds are against us and keeping using these valid excuses, it’s only going to keep our mind in that we have to work 10x harder for what we want.

When in reality, we need to give them what they are asking for and nothing more (careers). We need to embrace ourselves and work on changing the narrative of black women. We are not at the bottom of the totem pole because we see that we are the most educated group and the fastest growing entrepreneurs. So we are out here, and let us not let these barriers define us instead create our own opportunities. I am all about changing the narrative and hopefully you will join me and enjoy the ride.

We as people make up the society we pour into it as much as we take out. Is society truly what is affecting us? We are humans, and we provide the standard for everything. So what does it mean when we say society makes you believe you should be this or that? When in reality it is us as a generation of people because we make up society. If we work on changing the narrative of saying society does this and that. Rather than blaming society, we need to internalize that we are a part of the society saying what goes and what doesn’t go.

Are you investing in yourself or others? It’s okay if you don’t want to be an entrepreneur or the CEO of the business, so that’s not what I mean when I say investing in yourself. Although making sure that you are not complacent and are receiving the fulfillment that you desire through success, passion, and purpose.  You can always challenge yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone. Whether that is creating goals you want to accomplish, relocating to a new city, or even building self-confidence when in yourself.

Do you feel this? Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts.






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