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This past Fourth of July my dreams finally came true and I went to the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

I stayed in an Air BNB and I also rented a car. The Air bnb was not far away from bourbon street but you also couldn’t walk. There was street cars you could ride but I didn’t cause I had a rental. If you haven’t heard of AirBNB let me know I always use it.

If you never been to New Orleans you should go! When I go places I like to see the culture, history and go to events. That’s just what I did on this trip!

Alieshia takes New Orleans (ESSENCE ADDITION)

New Orleans Itinerary

Day 1

Essence in the Park is where Big Freeda and Common were performing and there were vendors and games all around. The event was free and you can park for free or get a lyft or an uber. After that we walked to find food and then we ended up on Bourbon Street it was just a couple of blocks from Essence in the Park event

Bourbon street was lit and popping, there was a free day party and  it was packed in there the club was called Razzos.

Bourbon Street

Day 2

I went and paid homage to my ancestors at a plantation called Oak Valley about 1 hour away. When you pull up there is slave houses and then the slave owner’s houses. When you first walk in you can go freely to all the slave houses and see the names and the living conditions. To go in the house you have to go with a group and it is a group tour unlike the other side where it is self-guided.

Oak Valley plantation house

Oak Valley Slave Owners house

These are just some of the pictures I took from that experience. It was eye opening and a tear jerker to say the least.

 (They knew we were powerful that’s why they didn’t want us to read and write but look at us now!!!)

(Our ancestor’s wildest dreams)

Evening with Culture Park

Culture Park

Caribbean Night

Later on that night I went to Culture Park and has some fun listening to music, playing games and eating.

This is a known park in New Orleans and it has a bar on the outside and a dance floor in the inside.

This was fun, I go to finally here Caribbean music and hang out with some cool people.

Day 3

I went to a brunch event with my girls from Black Girl Pod and it was a live recording show, you can find it now on all the streaming platforms called “ESSENCE”

We discussed everything from showing up as who you are to focusing on your career and finding your tribe. The set up was very laid back, small and intimate.

Black Girl Pod

BGP Brunch

#BGP (Fan girl)

Afternoon at the Convention Center

Later on I was finally able to go to convention center. It was so many stages and people but it was amazing to see everyone being together and soaking up all the black magic.


Convention Center

If this wasn’t a full day I also went on a swamp tour and I held an alligator. I was so nervous but I did it I learned about the bayou seen alligator, swamps and more. I used a Groupon for about $25.00 the Ultimate Swamp.

Would you do this?

I was so scared

AlieshiasAdventures took over New Orleans

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Thanks for getting all the way down here, have you been to ESSENCE? Would you go now? Let me know



Thanks for coming to internet home! My name is Alieshia and I am a millennial travel blogger. I encourage millennials to travel no matter what and provide resources for adulting.

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  1. This was great. Essence Fest is on my list of festivals to attend. I’ve alos never been to New orleans.

    1. Alieshia

      Yes it definitely is a one in a lifetime experience. I love New Orleans

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