Millennial Thoughts (Podcast)

Financial freedom for millennials! #MillennialThoughtsPodcast

Hey millennials I wanted to share with you about a whole season that I did on financial literacy in honor of #financialliteracymonth #financialfreedom My co host and I interviewed 12 people and below are the links to the episode! It’s on all podcasting platforms you can just type In Millennial Thoughts! You can also follow us on Instagram @millennialthoughtspod

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Expat Chronicles : Nicole Brewer talks about living in a Oman and teaching and being a travel blogger; black women thriving abroad!

Nicole Brewer is an English Language teacher, travel blogger, author and freelance writer. She has traveled to over 40 countries and lived abroad in South Africa, Germany, South Korea and presently in Oman. She has a zest for the expat lifestyle and has a goal of inspiring others to travel and live abroad.She is the author of “A Guide to …

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