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I love the holiday season because growing up my family and I were always together. We lived in the same city so It wasn’t hard to get together and then when we moved we would always go back but now that I am older and I gotta pay for those flight tickets and possibly hotels it’s a different story if you know ya know unless some of y’all families pay for y’all to come back home. I may try that for Christmas lol but with inflation, the gas prices and flights are going up and you still have to pay rent holidays can get expensive back to back.

I moved to Atlanta in 2020 and went home for Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2021 I went home for Thanksgiving and then for Christmas I stayed in Atlanta but I did a friendmas Christmas party, I went out to eat with my co-worker and slept because we had two weeks off my Job and total transparency I wanted to go somewhere but I was not getting paid that good last year so I just relaxed and slept.

First tip if you can’t go back home do some nostalgic activities: recreate the traditions for example if your family watched Christmas movies with PJs go get some PJs and watch Christmas movies, if you want to write a letter to Santa to put you in the Christmas spirit do that or even write letters to your family and send them a Christmas card.

For Thanksgiving, you can do a Friendsgiving instead and have friends over and play games and watch tv or you can go to someone else’s house or go on a trip. For New Year’s if you grew up going to church just find a watch party at a church there is plenty of them.

Instead of being alone on holidays try to find a community which brings me to my next point friends, it is so hard to find some but some co-workers can be friends if you go to networking events you can probably find friends there through bumble or Facebook groups but if they aren’t from the city they may go home but also they may stay so just having those conversations but low-key holidays be coming up quick but there may be some people you meet that have family in town and they may invite you over to there house or the church may have something as well.

Secondly, I would say maybe try to build community through your network if you work out try to make friends get the gym or whatever place you frequent but if you don’t have friends.

Thirdly you can do a staycation if you like the city you are in book a hotel or drive to the next closest big city and spend the weekend by yourself in the new scenery. I feel that this is always a good way to reset and you can write in your journal or catch up on your favorite tv shows. You can see what’s going on in the area and be outside lol but I think this one would be good if you have money to blow low-key lol.

I hope you enjoyed these three tips on how not to feel alone on the holidays but I would like to add that it is sometimes hard not to feel lonely if you are literally by yourself all day long some people like having roommates or living with a significant other I would suggest to help you not feel lonely just talk to your family and try to build a support system in your area meet friends find new things to explore in the city watch on tv and just get out the house.



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