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Hey are you ready to be a Houston hottie?? Well here is your guide for a quick weekend trip… because we outside this summer!

First I am going to talk about some logistics then I will share the itinerary.

Friday events: airport, breakfast Klub, gavelston, bed 🤣

I flew into Hobby it’s a smaller airport but it does nonstop flights and it’s south Houston. I also stayed in an Airbnb and rented a car because it was easier to just get up and go.

Okay so first I flew into hobby around 7:40 am I know, whew early flights you gotta love them.

Breakfast @breakfast KLUB

The front of Breakfast Klub and the line is on the side

My first stop was the Breakfast Klub… I got there around 8 am. I waited for about 40 minutes outside the line was short in the morning but when I finally got inside and ordered and it took about 20 minutes to get my food.

The food was good, something you should know is that it’s a self served restaurant you order your food you sit wherever you want but you have to get your drinks and silverware. Overall it was a great experience.

Next Stop: Galveston, Texas which is located an hour south east of Houston.

If you are a history buff like me this is where black Texas soldiers found out they were no longer slaves June 19th, 1865. I thought it would be great to go and see it and soak up that knowledge and also it’s close to Tiki Island if you want to see some water. We didn’t find the island per say but we found some lake houses so that was cool. Lol but we didn’t want to get in traffic so we went back to Houston!

Honestly I was so hungry I ate Jimmy John’s and crashed when we got back. I kept dozing off and didn’t end up even going out that night smh.

We stayed in an Airbnb I also recorded a tour of it and it will be on my YouTube channel AlieshiasAdventures. It was really cute but the beds were so uncomfortable.

Day 2, Saturday schedule: Houston African American Museum, Whataburger, Parma restaurant & Lounge Day Party & It’s Bae & Bar Hopping

Saturday morning we went to the Houston African American Museum the tickets are free and you can schedule the time you want to go. We chose the later morning because life. Lol It was really cool there were three different galleries which they change every so often. One is for a local Houston to share their artwork, the other one was black women making lemonade in Houston. I forgot the other one but it was the last day for that one 😂

After this we tried to go to Turkey leg hut, but the line was so long , then we tried Taste Kitchen& Bar that was. 3.5 hour wait, and then we tried to go to the Breakfast Klub those were all a know so we had lunch at Whataburger. I tried a cinnamon role and the burger it was okay 🙃. I’m an in and out type of girl. Lol

Then we went to a day party at Parma, we was on the patio. They had a cute ambiance to take pictures as well.

We were there for a while and then we went to Turkey leg hut it was another fail though they ran out of Turkey legs 🤣 lol so I had to get Mexican. I felt like we stayed in little Mexico.

We then went to an ice cream spot that was in Asia town, the ice cream was good and they had cool flavors!

This was a cool area, they have signs in their language and also American signs.

Then later on we tried to go to this club but it was $20 entry fee and a long line it was a Nigerian club but they were playing American music 🙃. We just bar hopped but bars close in Texas at 2am, just an FYI. We were in traffic for like 20 minutes because there was an accident on the road. (Houston don’t sleep)

Day 3: Sunday

This morning was a struggle but we got up around 8am because my friends wanted to eat breakfast Klub, we still waited in the line for about an hour, then another 20 minutes because we had 5 people.

We finally went inside and order our food when we got are utensils and things are food was already coming out and we were sitting by a celebrity. Guess who we were sitting by??

The Chicken and waffles was so good!

Then we went on a mural hunt for pictures ( the best thing is to add a free thing into your itinerary)

Our first stop the ‘We love Houston’ sign

Second stop ‘Houston Rockets’ stadium, we took a detour to the Houston Rockets Stadium.. which was only a 10 minute walk from the ‘We love Houston’ sign!

Our 3rd stop was the ‘Houston Mural’

Our 4th stop was… Beyoncé childhood house but someone lived there so we couldn’t do what we needed to do, lol. If you want to see how that went down check out my vlog on my YouTube channel AlieshiasAdventures!

After this we tried to go eat at three different places, they either had a long wait or was charging $20-$40…. So we ended up going back to where we stayed and went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. If you want to hear my rant make sure you check out my vlog!

After this we went home and packed because we had early flights to catch the next morning. I hope you enjoyed this guide to Houston! Have you been let me know your experience or what your favorite outing was on the blog. Follow me on Instagram at AlieshiasAdventures for behind the scenes and travel tips!

Here are some pictures from the overall trip!



Thanks for coming to internet home! My name is Alieshia and I am a millennial travel blogger. I encourage millennials to travel no matter what and provide resources for adulting.

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