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Millennial diaries coming soon!

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I know I haven’t been here for a while.

I was supposed to record videos, write blog post and everything but working two jobs I was overwhelmed and stressed out, recently I stopped working two jobs.

I got one that is a little more stable but I feel like I am still trying to find better ways to create opportunities for myself. I haven’t didn’t do a blog post, YouTube video or podcast episode for five months.

2020 was a hard year with the pandemic, moving and not being able to travel as much.

I don’t really have an outlet so I am going to start back writing cause heck I am paying for this blog so I want to introduce you to my new series:

Millennial diaries

I will be sharing my experience as I am on this life journey, career, friendship travel and more.

I don’t have a posting schedule but I want to encourage you to create your own opportunities and bet on yourself

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